We Will Remember Them

Remembrance Sunday is when we remember those who lost their lives to defend our freedom in World Wars I and II. The utter carnage of it all sometimes overcomes the fact that everyone who died was an individual, loved by family and friends, who took his individuality to his wartime grave.

In our churchyard is the Village War Memorial on which are inscribed the names of the individuals from Merrow who died for us. Here is the individual story of just one of them, Charles Woods, who died in World War II.” Click here for his story.

We are grateful to Tony Neale for allowing us to print Charles’ story. Tony Neale, helped by David Allen and Nigel Burke, researched the stories of all the Merrow people whose names are inscribed on our War memorial.    These are recorded  in a book “We Will Remember Them”, two copies of which exist, one held by the church and the other by Merrow Residents Association.

A List of those named on the Memorial can be seen here with further links to names where additional information is available.

Some of those involved in WWII were not ’Merrow natives’ but survived and live in Merrow. One such is Percy.  Click here for his story

For the 360° view of the memorial select the ‘War Memorial Names’ image at the bottom of the screen. Click here to view

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