The Friends of St John’s Church in Merrow, seek to assist in maintaining, and preserving the buildings and grounds of the magnificent Grade II listed church in the village of Merrow, for the benefit of the local Community as a whole

The Church, rather unusually these days, is normally open to all visitors from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm every day

If you wish to become a Friend of St John’s Church, or just wish to know more, please drop an email to membership@fostj.org or download our membership pamphlet by clicking here

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The Friends of St John’s has been set up for all those who are interested in becoming involved with the essential repair, restoration, preservation, and maintenance of the Grade II listed church building and its surrounding churchyard.

We encourage you to become a Friend of St John’s and support our work by joining for a very modest annual fee of just £5.00

You may have an interest in old buildings, local history or have experience in building restoration for example.

All individuals and any appropriate organisation are most welcome to become members to help to ensure the future of the church both as a place of public worship and for its charm and historical interest in the village.

Funds are raised from subscriptions, donations and fund raising events organised to raise money for specific repair projects.

If you would like to know more please email membership@fostj.org or download our introductory pamphlet and if you feel you would like to become involved please complete the form on the back and please send to the Parish Office at 222 Epsom Road, Merrow, Guildford, GU4 7AA .

To Become a Friend Directly
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A church has stood on this prominent corner of Epsom Road for over eight centuries and has played a vital part in the history of Merrow. The first church on the site was built in the 12th Century and over the years it grew and then fell into disrepair until by 1840 it was in a ruinous state. A generous and anonymous donation enabled the church to be rebuilt, largely to its 14th century design, by the famous architect RC Hussey. With a major extension in the 1880’s, the shape of the building emerged essentially as we see it today.

Considerable elements of the original, period architectural detail remains today including the vaulted roof with structural timber beams, original, stone mullioned, stained glass windows, stone arches and large supporting columns.

This much loved building continues to need never ending care to preserve its fabric and maintain its historic roots in Merrow village life.

Click here for a Brief Guide to the Church’s History

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7th June 2023 Presentation

FoStJ treasurer Mark Butcher, was able to pass a cheque for £2,500 to St John’s PCC Church Warden Carole Burtonwood, as a result of the various fund raising events, held by FoStJ for Church repairs, in the past few months.