SOS Save Our Stones

Save our Stones

Your Merrow Parish Church Tower is beginning to show its age. Built in 1842 (almost 180 years ago), the stonework around the belfry louvre openings on the east and west sides of the tower is spalling and flaking off; some rather large lumps have recently fallen to earth presenting a real H&S risk. Work has now started to repair the stonework.

The work has included cutting out old and rusted iron fixings and tie bars and fitting new stainless-steel fixings where required; cutting out spalled stonework readied to receive new stonework; and cutting, carving and fitting the new stonework.

Some of the amazing repairs carried out to date are seen below.

The work is being carried out by Anstey and Stone, the well-known local stonemason company of Farnham, at a cost of some £5,500.

The Friends would like to support St. John’s in this work and are launching our SOS appeal to “Save Our Stones”, to help fund this expenditure.

The best way to do this is for you to consider sponsoring some months’ worth of the ageing of the stonework and Turn Back Time, such that the stonework is returned to its 1842 condition.

For example:
A donation of £15 would recover
6 months of the 180 years.

One of £30 would recover
one year of the 180 years.

A donation of £90 would recover
3 years of the 180years.

If you would gift aid your donation it
would add 25% to the value of your gift.

We start at 20:22
We need to return to 18:42 !

To date we have managed to turn back the clock to 20:06

If you would like more information, please contact FoStJ Secretary Gordon Farquharson

Thank you.